Traxx Restaurant & Bar

Traxx Restaurant & Bar has proudly served travelers and locals for 23 years. New ownership took over in September 2019 when the former owner decided to "pass the torch" to a couple of industry professionals who are dedicated to serving Traxx patrons with the same quality food, beverages, and service she once provided.

We are happy to be here and excited about this experience.

Our menu


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Our approach to food is fresh and house-made. We serve free-range chicken and grass-fed beef as well as innovative vegan options. We hope you find something you can enjoy, grab a beverage (alcohol or not) and relax, sit back, and enjoy some jazz.
Mon-Weds: 11am-7pm (HH 4-7)
Thursday & Friday: 11am-10:00pm (HH 4-6)
Closed weekends (for now)
Bar: Our bar is serving on Traxx Restaurant Patio.

our menu

Craft Cocktail,
Beer or Wine?

We specialize in the "something for everyone" approach to our beverage program. Serving light beer, local IPA's, wine, craft cocktails, and just about any drink you can imagine. Try our boozy Upper Manhattan or our Spicy Ghost Pepper Margarita. If those don't fit your fancy, try our house-made limoncello served up and chilled.

We also serve Non-Alcoholic Beer & Beverages.



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800 Alameda Street
Los Angeles, CA


Thur, Fri
11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Mon, Tue, Wed
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM